Rename files quickly and easily with Renamerox for Mac

Move, copy, and rename files and folders with great flexibility in this handy app.

Renamerox for Mac is, as the name implies, a tool for bulk renaming of files and folders on your Mac OS X system. Renamerox for Mac is not available through the App Store but can be downloaded from several locations, and installs quickly and easily. The demo version of Renamerox for Mac works without limitation, but adds letters to the name of the files it renames. The full version, priced at $9.95, removes these extra letters.

The Renamerox for Mac interface is simple. You can drag and drop files or folders on top of the Renamerox for Mac icon, or you can use the interface to navigate to and select the files or folders. As part of the renaming process, you can also copy or move the files or folders. Options let you set new wildcard naming schemes, add prefixes and suffixes, add an incrementing index, add a random digit, truncate names, or even convert file name to different capitalization styles. All in all, Renamerox for Mac provides you about as much flexibility as it's possible to get when renaming files on your system. Renamerox for Mac functions quickly and displays its actions as you go.

In our testing Renamerox for Mac worked perfectly. It let us apply all kinds of renaming conventions to our files, and worked flawlessly even when we gave it thousands of files to process. For bulk renaming of files from digital cameras, downloads, and any other source that creates meaningless file names, Renamerox for Mac is a useful application.

Editors' note: This is a review of the trial version of Renamerox for Mac

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