Monitor everything on a target machine with Aobo Keylogger Standard

Record every keystroke, app, and Web site with this spyware app.

Aobo Keylogger Standard for MacOS is a keylogger and spyware package. Upgrading from the free download to a licensed version will set you back $79.95 (discounts for multiple licenses). Aobo Keylogger Standard is available from several download sites but not the App Store.

The main features of Aobo Keylogger Standard are its ability to record every keystroke, Web site, and application executed on the Mac. As a keylogger it can record everything that is typed, including chat conversations, and it can record every URL visited. A automated screen capture utility can grab a screen image at a predetermined interval. All this captured content is stored and can be e-mailed or sent by FTP to another address or system. Aobo Keylogger Standard runs in stealth mode, and is very hard to detect when running. It lets you record practically every action taken on a target machine. The viewing interface is simple to use and lets you step through the logs.

While it is pitched toward protecting your children on their computers, Aobo Keylogger Standard is a standard spyware package that can record everything going on and let you see those actions from another machine. Judgments of spyware monitoring aside, Aobo Keylogger Standard worked well in our tests, and let us observe actions on the test machine from another machine in the office at set intervals. We had no problems installing or monitoring Aobo Keylogger Standard.

Editors' note: This is a review of the trial version of Aobo Keylogger Mac Standard for Mac 3.9.01.

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