Sort and organize files easily with Sorterox for Mac

Sort files and folders, make backups and copies easily and automatically with this handy app.

Sorterox for Mac is an application for copying, sorting, and organizing files and folders on your Mac. Sorterox for Mac is not available from the App Store but is readily available from numerous download sites. The demo version adds a couple of letters to all file and folder names, but this can be defeated by purchasing the full version for $9.99. Sorterox for Mac installs easily.

Sorterox for Mac can be used by dragging and dropping files or folders on the icon, or by navigating and selecting the files or folders to work with. If specific actions are not provided, a set of default rules are used to indicate how to sort and process the files given to Sorterox for Mac. You can sort and copy files by almost any possible criteria and automate tasks such as placing files in folders by day or month, by name, or by any other order you choose. The entire process is performed quickly and a log entry is created for each sorted file. As part of the sorting you can move or copy files, or use Sorterox for Mac to make backup copies of valuable files by simply dragging the files or folders to the icon. Sorting algorithms can be chosen, although the defaults worked well for us.

In our testing Sorterox for Mac worked fine. The interface is easy to understand and use, the preferences are easy to set, rules can be created simply, and the application delivers the results without a problem. Sorterox for Mac quickly becomes one of those applications you don't think about but use all the time.

Editors' note: This is a review of the trial version of Sorterox for Mac 1.0.

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