Access your Facebook account from an app with Facebook 4 Mac

Do everything on Facebook you can normally do through a Web browser with this app.

Facebook 4 Mac is an app that lets you access your Facebook account from outside a Web browser. A free download, Facebook 4 Mac installs quickly and with no issues.

Facebook 4 Mac launches with a log-in window in which you enter your Facebook account credentials. From there, you can use this app to access your friend list, browse mail and chat sessions, and perform many actions you would normally perform through a Web browser. Essentially providing the Facebook interface in an app form instead of a browser window, Facebook 4 Mac allows you to interact with Facebook without worrying about browsers.

We used Facebook 4 Mac for a week instead of a Web browser and found that it worked as expected. While the publisher says Facebook 4 Mac won't crash even when a browser does, in truth we've not had our browser crash when using Facebook. Still, there may be some who prefer the Facebook 4 Mac interface over a browser since you can customize the window size and have these settings remembered at each startup. We had no problems with Facebook 4 Mac, but again, we're not sure why most users will prefer it over a browser.

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