Make beats with DJ Music Mixer

Combine songs to create fun mixes and custom tracks with DJ Music Mixer.

You don't need to spend thousands of dollars in expensive equipment to be a hip-hop DJ. You just need this $29.95 download. It's a bit expensive for a novelty, but DJ Music Mixer gives you quality performance and plenty of effects and cuts you can add to any track. That is, if you can figure out the confusing layout.

From the second you open it, this program definitely makes you feel like a DJ. The layout perfectly imitates a soundboard complete with equalizers, effects, and other nifty features. It's more than likely too much for the amateur user. Most people are going to have trouble even feeding tracks into the program. Once you do figure it out, there's plenty to do inside of DJ Music Mixer. You'll find effects, audio snipping and adjustment, and everything else you need to make fun mixes. If you can do it fast enough, the 60-minute limit before it locks up and demands registration might be enough time for you to make a good mix. It's far more likely that the clock will run out before you get a chance to play with even half of the program's features, though.

This download definitely gives the pro experience to amateurs at a very low price. For most amateurs, that's going to mean it's too complicated to figure out. It could be an affordable investment for someone who wants to crack into the DJ world but doesn't want to spend big. However, people who just want to tinker should perhaps download Audacity, and serious DJs should stick to professional software.

Editors' note: This is a review of the trial version of DJ Music Mixer 4.0.

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