Back up your Apple gadget with 123 iPod iPad iPhone Backup

Transfer your music and movies to your computer for safekeeping.

Keeping backup files can save you plenty of headaches if your Apple gadget starts bugging out. However, this long-winded download is just as hard to use as it is to say. The only reason to be impressed by 123 iPod iPad iPhone Backup is that it's somehow worse than iTunes in features, usability, and reliability.

When we put it in use, this ancient-looking download crashed and seized when it tried to recognize our gadget. When we finally made 123 iPod iPad iPhone Backup work, backing up wasn't slow, it's just wasn't particularly fast. There's also a video converter to make files work on your Apple gadget, but that can make the program crash, too. Sadly, it seems to work better than the backup feature, which is the reason most people will download this program in the first place. The program is so off that not even the grammar works; there are at least three blatant spelling errors in the program's text. It's bad enough that if you want to back up more than just half of a file, you have to shell out almost $25.

Even though it's designed for users and fans of Apple gadgets, 123 iPod iPad iPhone Backup doesn't even come close to the other free options on the market. We feel that developers of this software have a lot of homework to do to make this product worth its price tag, as this software doesn't even offer better default options in comparison to iTunes.

Editors' note: This is a review of the trial version of 123 iPod iPad iPhone Backup 3.1.8.

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