Create e-cards from your smartphone with eCards Greeting Card Creator

Create your own custom e-greetings from your smartphone with this free Android app.

Managing your e-greetings: does that sound like the perfect job for Android or what? You have everyone's info literally at your fingertips, and you're always connected so you avoid that awful feeling of logging on late at night and realizing you've just missed an important birthday. SplashPad Mobile takes it a step further with eCards Greeting Card Creator. This free app makes it supereasy to create your own customized e-greeting cards right from your smartphone, tablet, or other Android device. You can use your own images, too. A few taps and you're ready to send your greetings.

Greeting Card Creator's Welcome screen arranges its four features buttons around a central Send button: Background, Photos, Frame, and Messages. Tapping Background produced a long list of categories, from Baby to Wedding & Anniversary, with choices like Funny, Get Well, and Just for Fun in between. You can also choose from Patterns, Solid Colors, and Textures. Most of the categories offered around 20 or so choices, though some offered more and some less; for instance, Space only had four images. But of course you can use your own images, as we learned when we made our selection and moved on to the next tool, Photos, which offered two choices, to take a picture using our camera or to use a file photo. We positioned the crop tool on our image, and Greeting Card Creator added the selection to our project. We could easily move and resize our image by dragging and swiping it. Next stop, Frames. This app comes with 107 frames; we selected a holiday-themed one. The Messages page offers most of the same themes as the Background choices, as you might expect, but we could also enter our own text via a tool that also let us preview and edit our message. We could send via Bluetooth, ChatOn, Dropbox, Facebook, e-mail, and other methods. We simply entered our recipient's data and tapped Send.

You could spend more time picking out a ready-made e-card than it takes to create the perfect card for the just the right person right from your Android smartphone with eCards Greeting Card Creator.

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