Convert your audio files to different formats with 1Click Audio Converter

Make your music files work on more gadgets and devices with the help of with 1Click Audio Converter.

Converting your audio files to another format so you can play them on a different gadget becomes a breeze with this software. 1Click Audio Converter will convert your files into one of three formats that work on most media players. The transfer is very fast and you can convert multiple files in a single go.

When people talk about bare-bones downloads, they mean this program. It installs easily and does one thing and one thing only: convert audio files. You can make quick audio clips of the song you want, but that's all. While this may be a negative for some programs, it's actually a strong point for 1Click Audio Converter. It allows the program to be slim and fast while still giving great results. The audio files come out of the conversion sounding perfect. Since all of the menu options are put right in front of you when you open the program, it's hard to do anything incorrectly.

Converting files isn't something anyone really wants to do. Everything should just work automatically -- which is what this program has in mind. 1Click Audio Converter is so simple to use, it's almost like it's the punch line of a joke. Though there are few frills and an almost laughably simple interface, this program gives enough options to be your go-to conversion software. It can't really be matched from a performance point of view.

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