The Force is with the fowl in Angry Birds Star Wars

Play Angry Birds in a universe far, far away with this awesome Android app.

Rovio's Angry Birds is one of the world's most popular video game franchises. Lucasarts' "Star Wars" franchise may be the most successful media empire of all time. Why wouldn't they get together? They have, and the result is Angry Birds Star Wars, perhaps the funniest and most fun installment of the Angry Birds series yet. It's set in an officially licensed take-off of the Star Wars universe, with scenes taken directly from the movies, only with the usual Angry Birds silliness. It's good versus evil: Rebel Angry Birds p.o.'ed by invading Imperial Pigtroopers, whom they are determined to destroy, even if it means catapulting themselves to destruction. Familiar characters from the movie like Han, Luke, and Chewy are rendered as rotund Angry Birds (villains, too).

A scrolling "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away" opens Angry Birds Star Wars, followed by the familiar theme music and the scream of TIE fighters. If, like us, you're already thinking, "This is going to be good," let's save you trouble: Can you say "Death Star with a pig snout?" But you have to unlock the Death Star and ice-gripped Hoth by first defeating the Imperial Pigtroopers on your desert home world, Tatooine. Pressing Play produced a series of silly images depicting ridiculously funny (and fun) take-offs on "Star Wars." The game play is like the other Angry Birds game and similar games. Pull, aim, and release a giant slingshot to hurl Rebel birds at increasingly elaborate targets inhabited by the Imperial foe. Knocking down their towers not only defeats the Pigtroopers but earns points to unlock levels.

In its early levels, Angry Birds Star Wars is super-easy to play, thanks in part to a trajectory arc that shows where your shots are going and where they run out of oomph. Elevation plays a crucial role: If you hit your target just right, you can collapse it with a single bird-shot. We knocked down a Pigtrooper tower and cleared the level with our very first shot, and quickly advanced to more challenging levels. May the Force of Angry Birds be with you!

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