SopCast Lite is light on the channels

Don't expect to channel surf with this faulty app.

You can watch movies on your iPhone, so it only makes sense to be able to watch TV channels on it as well. SopCast Lite promises to deliver broadcast audio and video to your iOS device, and while we can certainly entertain ourselves for hours by watching strange television from abroad, SopCast Lite failed to let us add our own channels.

SopCast Lite opens with a list of channels to peruse, all of which come from Asian origins. We tapped the CtiNews channel from Taiwan to watch. It took a few seconds to load, but soon enough we were able to watch it on our phone. While watching, we could adjust the volume or even send it to our Apple TV to watch it on our television. The Favorites feature is supposed to let you add your own SopCast channels. We went to the Web to find a list of SopCast channels and added an address. But when we tried to play the channel, it failed to load. We tried another channel to see if the problem was the specific channel, but it failed to load as well. A few more attempts ended with the same results; we couldn't add any other channels. The app lacks any kind of Help feature, so we couldn't troubleshoot to fix the problem.

If you're a fan of the channels SopCast Lite already has installed, the app might be worth a download. But because we couldn't add our favorite channels to the mix, we can't give it our recommendation.

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