Convert video files easily with Simple Video Converter

Convert videos by clicking on your device type with this simple shareware.

Video converters take a saved video file and convert it from one file type to another -- typically, from one you can't play to one you can. Video converters let you change your videos to play on any device, or standardize a bunch of different file types in one format. Simple Video Converter is a shareware converter that makes those jobs easy. Its menu-based conversion tool makes picking the right format as easy as clicking on your device type, such as iPad or Android. Simple Video Converter can also clip, edit, and merge videos. Its advanced features include Nvidia CUDA graphics technology. Simple Video Converter is free to try for 30 days, but you can only convert 3 minutes of video. The free trial includes technical support, though, and a link is provided. The latest release supports Windows 8.

Simple Video Converter's first run showed a nag screen. We clicked through to a stylish interface with a preview window that has basic media player controls. A well-designed toolbar made for an intuitive process: browse to add files, select output format and directory, choose options like subtitles, and press Start. We started by converting an MKV file into an Android-compatible MP4. Another nag screen informed us of the 3-minute conversion limit. But Simple Video Converter's device-based menu simplified the process by letting us choose from a list of file types specifically compatible with our device. Our converted video played normally.

Most decent freeware media players are compatible with just about any file type you throw at them, but that's not the case for most smartphones and other devices. If you save a lot of videos and are always converting them to play on your phone or portable player, a tool like Simple Video Converter can make life easier for you. But if you just need to convert YouTube and music videos to common formats like AVI or MP4, you have many free alternatives to choose from. We recommend taking a good look at what's available, and comparing features and convenience. Simple Video Converter can hold its own when it comes to performance.

Editors' note: This is a review of the trial version of Simple Video Converter 8.1.1.

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