View Indian television and movies using nexGTv nano

Stream movies, sports, news, and many TC channels, but FYI, this app is India-specific.

nexGTv nano is an app that streams a number of live TV channels from India, as well as providing some video-on-demand capabilities. There are versions of nexGTv nano for iOS and Android. nexGTv nano is not available from iTunes (at least in North America) but can be downloaded from several sites. There's no charge to use nexGTv nano.

The menus presented by nexGTv nano are clean. The content made available covers all major genres, from news to drama, to sports. When you select a channel the menu shows a schedule of programs that will be coming up or are currently being streamed. There's some nice features such as a quick channel surf and preview, and quick launching of the channel guide. The picture quality was good on our test iPhone 5, and should scale well to the iPad's larger screen. Video on demand gets streamed, with no charges incurred (although the VOD content is a bit older than current release).

We had no issues using nexGTv nano, and enjoyed several cricket matches as well as a couple of movies with no interruption in service as long as we were using Wi-Fi. Switching to mobile data and moving around had the predictable effects of several interruptions, and our data usage started to become considerable! Still, for those who want access to Indian channels, nexGTv nano is a nice app.

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