iHeartradio is for music lovers

Listen to the radio and create your own stations with this fun app.

The great thing about the iPhone and iPod is that they put our entire music collection at our fingertips. However, every now and then, we like the randomness that a good, old-fashioned radio station offers for finding new tunes or listening to old ones. iHeartradio brings the radio to your iOS device so you don't have to miss a music beat.

Before getting started with iHeartradio, you're asked to sign in using either your Facebook account or by entering your e-mail address and creating a password. You can also skip that option and come back to it, which is what we decided to do. Right off, we were instructed to either find a station or create our own. By allowing the app to find our location, we were able to search through local stations to add to our playlist. If you want to step out of your city limits, the app does let you browse by city, or you can browse by genre. We selected a station located in San Francisco and were greeted by an ad, but soon after the station played without a hitch.

While the station is playing music, you can adjust the volume, save the station, and set the Sleep Timer feature. To set the timer, we did have to sign in and include our e-mail address and birth date, and we had to create a password. The Sleep Timer options are in different increments, from 15 minutes, to 45 minutes, to 3 hours. We set it for 15 minutes and sure enough, the radio station stopped playing after the time was up.

Using the Create feature, we were then able to create a station in much the same way that Pandora works. We entered an artist or a song, and the app pulled up similar artists that we could either assign a "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" to as we listened. If you want to share your musical taste with your friends, just tap the icon in the far right corner to publicize the song you're listening to on Facebook. Likewise, you can send whatever is playing to your Apple TV device and play it from there.

Our only complaint with iHeartradio is that the app doesn't list the names of the song and artist while in radio mode, which is frustrating if you find something you like. But even still, we highly recommend iHeartradio for music and talk radio lovers.

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