Test your knowledge of logos with Logo Quiz Plus

Test your knowledge of company logos and brands with this fun and addicting app.

With a quick and easy installation, Logo Quiz Plus tests your knowledge of both popular and obscure company logos. Simple scoring and fast paced gameplay make this app highly addictive. In order to access some features, though, such as leaderboard or chat, you will need a login id. You may apply for these added features free of any charge by registering an e-mail address, or by tagging yourself as a guest.

Once you open the application, you will be presented with a simple and well-designed interface. There are only three buttons on the main menu. The first button is labeled Play. This button instantly begins a new game and you are presented with a large, easy-to-see icon, and four options for the organization. The second button in the main menu brings you to the High Scores leaderboard and chat options. Finally, there is a button Get Free Hints, which gives you a few options to earn hints you can use during the game.

Logo Quiz Plus offers a clean and modern look and is designed to appeal to all Android users. It functions quickly and smoothly while consuming very few resources. Fast opening menus and easy navigation make this game's usability very good. Definitely a top pick for fans of advertising and pop culture.

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