Raise a tank full of fish with Fish Live

Clean, feed, and shower love on an entire school of fish.

Why spend thousands on a tank when you can have dozens of exotic fish on your gadget? Fish Live gives you an interactive fish tank that you can clean, feed, or just watch swim. It gives constant notifications, which it wants to push to your status bar, but can offer you loads of addicting fun.

You start the game with a crystal clear tank and enough money to fill it with several different species of fish. The game's cute animations will look really exceptional on tablets and phones with hi-res screens, and all the controls are obvious to find. Fish Live is structured like the addictive social games you'll find on Facebook, so it rewards you for coming back often. This means level and random bonuses, as well. You can share your tank with friends, but that requires signing up for an account with the game's developer. If you do, it tries to entice you to play even more of their Zynga-esque games in which you cook, farm, and do other silly things for virtual points. If you can't earn enough through the game itself, you can trade in a small sum of real cash to make you digitally rich. But, the game gives you enough goals and rewards to keep you with enough fish to make you happy.

Fish Live offers a concept similar to Facebook games with a simple and addicting gameplay. It's sure to amuse people in between watering their crops in FarmVille and serving their dishes in CafeWorld. Those who dislike those games on Facebook won't really enjoy this app, though. They'll probably dislike how the game tries to lure you into its other addictive time-wasters, too.

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