Park a giant tour bus in Bus Parking 3D

Maneuver through obstacles to park your choice of several buses.

Though it sounds a little mundane, this app provides hours of challenging fun. Bus Parking 3D offers a ridiculously large number of levels and options, but starts off a little too difficult. It will also send plenty of spammy ads to your phone both in and outside of the app.

The game's simple menu will take you right to the action, and there are more than 60 levels to unlock. The steering, pedals, and gear shift are placed right on the screen, so it might be a little cluttered for people with smaller phones. Though there are five different buses to choose from, it doesn't look like there are any differences between them other than appearance. You'll not only unlock the next level when you pass the current one, but you will also earn some sort of in-game currency. It looks like this is redeemable for more buses in the game developer's store, but that requires registration. With the way the game flings ads through both the app and your gadget's top status bar, trusting the developer with your personal information is a bad idea.

Though the creators of Bus Parking 3D clearly cared about making it enjoyable, they seem to be a bit money-hungry. The ads they thrust at you when you open the game wouldn't be too out of the norm, but the ads it plops on your status bar are going a bit too far. If you can tolerate those, you're rewarded with a fun game with enough levels and options to keep you happy.

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