Recover long lost files with Data Recovery Assist

Get lost or deleted files back from a corrupt or broken portable drive.

Being able to recover files from a failing hard drive is important to any computer user. Data Recovery Assist can bring your lost files back, but you have to fork over around $30 for this software. Even when you do, it sometimes fails to revive your stuff.

This program offers a rather simple interface we feel could be improved by the developers to make it more user-friendly, as it's not really straightforward. Even though Data Recovery Assist reads your external drives quickly, it crashes almost every time you scan a larger drive. We didn't have much luck scanning a drive that was 250GB or more. It also won't work when you've formatted your drive, which limits its usefulness. This software is free to try, but don't try to restore your files if you're not prepared to purchase it, as it won't work. Also, another thing we didn't particularly like is that during the installation, this program installed a malware search toolbar, which completely ruined our browser.

For most computer users, recovering lost files doesn't have a price and we feel that $29.95 is a fair price for a program that can save you hundreds or thousands in lost time or files. But, it's only worth the money if it works consistently, which Data Recovery Assist doesn't.

Editors' note: This is a review of the trial version of Data Recovery Assist

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