Play DVDs on your gadget without discs with 123 DVD Converter

Convert your DVDs to just about any file format and play it with any device.

Being able to rip your DVDs just like you would your CDs would be awesome, right? 123 DVD Converter will do it for you, but it all comes with a price tag. Even though this software produces high-quality video in tons of formats, it is a little overpriced for what it does and has a difficult barrier to entry.

Even though the interface is very easy to navigate, 123 DVD Converter expects you to know how to rip DVDs already. If you don't, you'll be confused trying to find and rip the clip you actually want. For the pros, there are a ton of file details that comes with each rip. Tech-savvy people will love that the program supports dozens of formats, too. The price for this software is $40 and if you don't buy the full program, you'll see a "Buy full version now window" every time you do anything with it. If you decline, you're only allowed 10 minutes of converting per file; it cuts off abruptly if you go longer.

123 DVD Converter seems to be aimed at more tech-savvy users who already know how to rip DVDs. Though the output of the videos resembles DVD quality, the price for the software is too high for what it offers, and some users might find it too complicated to use.

Editors' note: This is a review of the trial version of 123 DVD Converter 5.0.5.

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