Create PDFs from any app using Virtual PDF Printer

Printing to a PDF is now as easy as printing to any real printer, thanks to this clever app.

Virtual PDF Printer is an app that lets you create PDF files on your iPad or iPhone. Available through iTunes for $19.99, Virtual PDF Printer installs easily.

Creating PDFs from files on your iPad or iPhone often means saving documents in a common file format, then opening another app to convert the file to PDF. With Virtual PDF Printer, you tell your iDevice to print to the virtual printer instead, which creates a PDF file directly from your office productivity or other app. For many people, this shortcuts the process and leads to a PDF file more quickly, and that file can then be e-mailed or shared right away. To test Virtual PDF Printer we used several office productivity apps, as well as used the Web browser and a few paint programs, and all worked well. Once you select the Virtual PDF Printer, the PDF is created. You have control over some options through menus, or you can simply let the defaults produce a file for you.

Virtual PDF Printer worked with all the apps we tested, and produced PDF files that we could open on any target machine or send to a real printer attached to any device. While the price may seem high, anyone who's had to go through multiple steps to create a PDF file from their favorite apps will probably find the money worthwhile.

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