Talking dog and cat repeat what you say in Talking Tom and Ben News

Discuss the news and record the whole thing, and then send it to your friends with this amusing app.

Talking Tom and Ben News is a spinoff of the popular Talking Tom app, in this case using the two characters Tom (a cat) and Ben (a dog) as "newsreaders." The app is downloadable from iTunes for free, and installs cleanly.

Talking Tom and Ben News consists of a launch screen showing Tom and Ben sitting at a news anchor's desk. If you say something to them, they will repeat it as a conversation between the two of them. You can also upload a video or photo that is displayed as a small movie on the "screen" in front of their desk. Tom and Ben can then "talk" about the image (you provide the dialogue, of course), and you can record the whole thing and send it to your friends. There are the usual interactions with Tom and Ben: poke them to make them fall off their chairs, swipe them to have them spin in their chairs, and get them to take shots at each other or even wrestle. There are in-app advertisements unless you purchase the full version.

All in all, Talking Tom and Ben News is kind of fun for a while, but after a few minutes the novelty will wear off for most people. Sure, the odd, funny commentary about a photo or video is good for sharing, but this app will appeal more to the younger folks for anything other than a novelty. Talking Tom and Ben News worked without a glitch, and will amuse many for a while.

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