View and edit Office format files on the iPhone with Quickoffice Pro

Creating, modifying, and viewing files from Microsoft Office is easy with this standard app.

Quickoffice Pro for iPhone is an office productivity app that lets you work with most popular file formats on your iOS device. Quickoffice Pro is available through iTunes and other download sites. It installs easily. Quickoffice Pro is sold for $14.99, and there are versions specific to iPhone and iPad.

Quickoffice Pro was one of the first apps for the iPhone that supported all the popular Microsoft Office formats, and the software has continued to evolve and improve over the years. It consists of viewers and basic editors for document, presentation and spreadsheet files (so it opens and saves documents from Word, PowerPoint, and Excel). In addition, Quickoffice Pro works with PDF and several other format files. The interface is slick, managing to put a lot of capabilities in a small area. You can edit files in either graphic or text modes, and have all the basic features necessary for laying out and formatting contents. Quickoffice Pro integrates the iPhone and iPad touch sensitivity well, replacing the mouse. Quickoffice Pro integrates with cloud storage systems, too, allowing for ready access and saving of files as you are mobile.

We have used Quickoffice Pro extensively over several years. Whether you need to simply read a document sent to you as an attachment, or make modifications quickly to an existing document, or even create a new document from scratch, Quickoffice Pro is the app against which other office apps are judged. Highly recommended.

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