PowerProducer 6 brings impressive templates for home movie makers.

CyberLink's latest release adds support for Blu-ray, MKV files, RAW images and more menu choices.

You're a budding or aspiring filmmaker. You wrapped up all your shots and you're ready for post-production and distribution. Or you're an avid videographer or adventurer with a million video clips of family gatherings begging to be showcased on a TV. Cyberlink PowerProducer offers a video-production program for these folks and anyone looking to create DVDs or Blu-ray Discs.

Cyberlink PowerProducer is a user-friendly suite that lets users create and burn movie discs, complete with high-quality menu templates and Blu-ray support. The suite doesn't offer much as a real movie editor, per se -- you won't be adding any special effects, etc. But PowerProducer excels in giving users wide control over how to package movies and present them onscreen.

After selecting "Produce Movie Disc" from the main menu, PowerProducer walks you through some basic options like choosing format, disc capacity and aspect ratio. For using such a small window, the PowerProducer interface makes good use of the screen's real estate. The left column displays the basic options for managing video files, menu structures, and capture modes. The right panel is used as a visual editor, with editable text boxes and a working animated preview tab of your disc.

PowerProducer comes with a decent amount of assorted templates that showcase the standard animated backgrounds, video previews, and floating images like commercial DVDs. From here, you can dive deeper and adjust settings like the number of chapters, edit slideshows, set commercial cuts, and change background music for each menu.

Though PowerProducer works well in terms of quickly packaging your media, it lacks a lot in the area of real customizable elements. You can't add text boxes or change colors or really even create your own template. Though the stock templates and downloadable ones are impressively made, having an option to make your own would be nice.

If you're looking for a quick and easy way to create a presentable, digital package, then PowerProducer is a solid choice. Its increased support for most Blu-ray formats, HD content, and RAW image support should ensure compatibility with current image and video types. Its built-in templates, easy to follow interface, and support for downloadable content should keep casual moviemakers content and are perfect for simple film projects.

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