StopWatch & Timer turns your Android device into a precision timekeeper

Count (or count down) accurately and keep laps with this free Android stopwatch app.

Accurate stopwatches used to be hard to come by outside of a track meet, but free smartphone apps like sportstracklive's StopWatch & Timer for Android have changed all that by turning your smartphone into a precision timekeeper. StopWatch & Timer accurately counts (or counts down) hours, minutes, seconds, and tenths of a second. With a large, customizable display, it's an excellent choice for outdoor events, but it's just as much at home as in the kitchen. We tried the Android version of StopWatch & Timer, which is free (with minor ads).

StopWatch & Timer's user interface shows hours, minutes, seconds, and tenths of a second in separate boxes, each with a subtle shading effect that makes them easy to see and gives the app a look that recalls the flip-card digital clocks of days past. Controls consist of two prominent buttons, Reset and Start, plus Stop and Lap buttons when active. Tapping a small stopwatch icon let us switch to the countdown timer; pressing the timer's hourglass icon switched us back to the stopwatch. A full-screen button makes for easy viewing in the field. StopWatch & Timer displays each Lap's start and stop time in the bottom half of the window. Setting the timer is like using a combination lock; just turn the wheels with your thumb to set the countdown. Pressing our phone's menu button called up StopWatch & Timer's Settings menu. This app has more options than we expected, such as keep-awake modes for the screen and stopwatch for timing long-duration events. We could set StopWatch & Timer to count a new lap every time you press Stop and to play a variety alarms or simply vibrate. We could even customize the app's look by changing the font and color of the digits and background.

So how well does StopWatch & Timer work? Flawlessly, as you might expect: Counting is Computer 101, and we'd be more surprised (shocked, really) if any such app deviated in ways that matter to anyone except maybe particle physicists. Big ol' Start, Stop, and Reset buttons are hard to confuse. Bottom line, this handy timekeeper is a keeper.

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