Create, save, and sync notes with InkPad Notepad's free app

Save and access notes from your smartphone or PC with this free app and online service.

Your smartphone is way better at remembering stuff than you are, so why not let it have the job? With Workpail's InkPad Notepad, it's easy to create, view, and store notes from your Android device or your PC's Web browser. InkPad Notepad can keep track of your daily schedule, shopping lists, to-do lists, and anything else you're likely to forget. You can log in from your Google account, too. The free app is ad-supported and omits some of the premium upgrade's features, such as unlimited online syncing and storage. The free InkPad Notepad has the essentials, though, such as automatically syncing notes to the Web, showing reminders when notes are updated, and creating emergency backups on your SD card.

InkPad Notepad's interface resembles a ruled-paper notepad. An unobtrusive banner ad flashed messages between a toolbar and the main message view. The toolbar's controls are simple, just Search, Reload, and Menu buttons. The Settings offer plenty of opportunities to get the premium version, as you might expect, but we also found more businesslike options such as the ability to choose between InkPad's font and Android's default font. We could also uncheck the SD card backup option and press a button to delete any backups from our SD card.

We started by simply creating a new note in the app's blank field. We tapped the plus sign at the bottom of InkPad Notepad's message field to open our phone's keypad display and typed in a note. InkPad Notepad's keystroke sound effects aren't necessary indoors, but they make a difference when you're typing outdoors. We gave our note a title and tapped back to the menu screen. InkPad Notepad had automatically saved and synced our message. We logged in to the app's Web site (through Google) and there was our note. We created and saved a new message in our browser, and then refreshed the Android app. Our new message subsequently appeared on our phone. Keeping messages organized and synced is just the job for InkPad Notepad. Even if your phone already has a note-keeping app, try the free version of InkPad Notepad, too.

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