Manage a fashion boutique on your Android Phone with Fashion Story

Run your own fashion shop in this free Android game.

TeamLava's popular Story series of virtual-world games differ from the sort of free mobile games that typically involve zombies, weapons, and monster trucks. Instead, in TeamLava's life sims players build and develop things, such as farms, businesses, and careers. It was with a sense of relief that we sampled Fashion Story, which might as well be called Fashion Store since its premise is that you're managing a popular boutique.

You must shop for merchandise, stock your store, and cater to customers, including some who might be your friends in real life, since the Story series has great social features. You can return the favor by visiting your friends' shops to get ideas from their stock. As you earn more sales and game credits, you can invest in your business to expand it, just as you would in the brick-and-mortar world. Fashion Story is available in iPhone and Android versions. We tried the Android app on a Samsung Galaxy S3.

Fashion Story's look is cute, and suitable for young fashionistas, too. As with nearly all games, there's a soundtrack that will probably become cloying after a few times playing, but you can turn the music and sound effects on and off in the game's Settings on the Main Menu, which you can return to at any time by tapping the red Main sales tag. From the Main Menu you also access your Profile, Social data, Invite options, and Help, among other things. The game starts with a 3D view of an empty store with empty racks. Your first step is go shopping! Clothes, shoes, and accessories to fill your store with are a few taps away. Once you're open for business, customers come shopping. The more you sell, the more you can buy, and the bigger your business will grow.

Playing Fashion Story can feel just like managing a real boutique, but with one big difference: running a virtual fashion store is nothing but fun!

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