Farm Story: Halloween brings spooky fun to this popular Android sim

Play this free Android farm game with a fun Halloween touch.

Free farm sims are some of the most popular games in any format. Millions play them online, and more and more users are also playing them on the go, thanks to compact versions optimized for smartphone displays and controls. TeamLava's Story series includes the hugely popular Farm Story, now updated with a Halloween-themed edition, Farm Story: Halloween. Despite the Halloween decorations, your job as a farmer remains the same as it is in the basic game, or for real farmers, for that matter: Grow produce, tend your livestock, and improve your property. But your animals are wearing Halloween costumes, and your crop has taken a turn for the weird: candy corn, fruit bat trees, and orange poppies, for instance. Hideous decorations, pesky Halloween gnomes, and other tricks and treats make Farm Story: Halloween a scream any time you play it.

Farm Story: Halloween's farm grows pumpkins for jack-o-lanterns and has cobwebs on the barn, and rows of friendly ghosts serve as hedges for your cultivated land. Otherwise, the gameplay is familiar: Start by clearing and plowing your small plots of land, buying seed from the store to plant fruit and earn more cash to buy more seed to clear the extra land you earn, and so on, just like real farming -- an endless cycle. By working hard on our land, we earned useful stuff like tools. Helping your neighbor with his chores earns you still more cred. Before long we'd cultivated enough land to earn a house and barn. As with many such games, Farm Story: Halloween's laid-back soundtrack can get a bit cloying after many repeats, but it's easy to turn the music, sound effects, and push notifications on and off by clicking Settings under the game's Main Menu. The menu also accesses your Profile, Social, Invite, and other options, and opens the Help/FAQs feature.

Farm games teach that patience, hard work, and cooperation are rewarded -- quite a different theme from most video games. Speaking of themes, this game's spooky Halloween look is more cute than scary, and fine for youngsters. Farm Story: Halloween is monstrously good fun for everyone.

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