Ayakashi: Ghost Guild is a fun card-battle role-playing game with Japanese flavor

Don't expect too much of a challenge with this otherwise fun card game.

Expansive gameplay, lots of options, and absolutely gorgeous art -- we love how developers of the Ayakashi: Ghost Guild app have put enough effort to make this game as fun and competitive to play as possible. This app offers many things to keep the player busy, although it does suffer from one small Achilles' heel: The battle system is too simple.

Keeping in mind that this is a card battle role-playing game (RPG), we already expected that the interface of Ayakashi: Ghost Guild would be pretty comprehensive. But even though there are so many menus to navigate into, the main menu was quite intuitive to browse. The start of the game takes you to a friendly tutorial of its story, gameplay, and controls. The online aspect of the game also makes this app more fun and competitive, as you can fight or cooperate with another player during missions and assignments. Another aspect we have to praise is the game's graphics. All of the spirit cards are rendered in modern Japanese anime style, which makes the game more attractive to play. One thing that prevented us from totally getting into the game was that the card battles are made too simple. The effects and abilities of each card are automatically drawn out during a battle and not a whole lot of skill is needed to play the card battles, which may be a bit disappointing to any hard-core card battle player.

Ayakashi: Ghost Guild offers a lot of fun to any card-battle RPG fan. With amazing graphics and plethora of options, this app would almost be perfect if the battle system were just a bit more comprehensive.

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