Listen to a customized audio stream just for you with Pandora Radio

Search, select, and listen to many music genres with a unique stream based on your favorites.

Pandora Radio is an app that provides a free audio feed that is customizable to your musical tastes. The free app provides the basic service, or you can upgrade (for $3.99 a month) to a higher-quality feed that removes all ads and has fewer interruptions. The app installs easily from iTunes.

When you start Pandora Radio for the first time, you select a favorite artist, song, or album, and Pandora Radio will start to create customized playlists with similar music. As the playlists go on, you can fine-tune the types of music you like or dislike and the feed will update accordingly. Pandora Radio can also scan your existing library and factor that in to the stream. The attraction with Pandora Radio is that you don't get the same music stream as everyone else choosing the same genre, but a more flexible and customizable stream of music. The only annoyance in the free version of the app is the interruptions between songs to add advertisements. One other factor we noticed is some songs will repeat themselves within a short timespan, with the stream not considering the recent history.

In our testing, we enjoyed the music streams from Pandora Radio. The app is easy to work with and provides a good alternative to listening to your iTunes library. We did have a few issues with slow data connections, but that's to be expected. While there are a few competing music streaming services, Pandora Radio has been around for a while and has a lot of fans.

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