Stream movies and TV shows to your iPhone or iPad with Netflix

Search and view your favorite entertainment while on the go, or just relaxing.

Netflix has been a popular platform for video streaming for many years now, and with support for many devices it continues to be a necessary app for many people. Netflix provides an online streaming source for movies and TV shows, and this release of the Netflix app is for iPhone and iPad. The app is available from iTunes and installs easily.

The Netflix app usually launches with a screen showing the latest editions for the Netflix service, and as long as you are a subscriber you can click on any screen image to launch streaming playback of the title. You can also search the Netflix library for your favorites. When you select a title, it streams to your device with decent quality (especially on smaller iDevice screens). There's some letterboxing on some titles, while others have been zoomed so you lose part of the frame, but these are minor quibbles. The biggest problem with Netflix is that the selection of movies and TV shows is different depending on which country you live in. In the U.S., for example, the selection is huge, but those living in Canada have to make do with a much smaller (and weaker) selection. Before subscribing, check the library of available titles in your area to minimize disappointments.

To use Netflix you need a monthly subscription (check your country's version of the Web site for rates), but once you're signed up you can stream videos wherever you go. Of course, there are data charges if you are not on Wi-Fi, which can add up, but Netflix provides a source of entertainment for commutes, as well as just lounging around anywhere you want.

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