Browse through newsfeeds with ease using Mobi Reader

Manage your newsfeed subscriptions and read the news any way you like with this handy app.

Mobi Reader is a Google RSS newsfeed reader for your iPhone and iPad. To use it, you need a Google Reader account (free to create and use) and this app installed, and then Mobi Reader gives you a friendly interface with which to read your favorite feeds.

Mobi Reader synchronizes with your Google Reader account and lets you read content either online or offline. You can use Mobi Reader to search through the contents, as well as customize the way results are displayed on your screen. You can manage all your newsfeeds from Mobi Reader, adding, removing, or editing the subscriptions and the folders into which they are saved. There's total control of the size and font type, allowing you to adjust the display for the most comfortable setting for your viewing habits. You can sort contents, as well as forward content to social-media accounts. The Mobi Reader interface is customizable to your preferences. You can have all your subscriptions listed in one pane, headlines in another, and the expanded content in a third, or condense everything down to one full-screen display.

Mobi Reader worked well for us in testing with our feeds. Managing feeds is easy, and with enough free time to read the downloaded articles you'll find yourself browsing more and more feeds. The total customizability of Mobi Reader stands out, and we ended up using it as our default reader after our review time was finished.

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