Look up practically everything about the game with Minecraft Explorer Lite

Search for and read about any items or potions used in Minecraft in this iPhone reference guide.

Minecraft Explorer Lite is an add-on for the highly popular multiplatform Minecraft game. Minecraft Explorer Lite is not the game itself, but a reference guide to the items and potions that exist in Minecraft. Minecraft Explorer Lite is available from iTunes and various other sites and installs without a problem.

The main purpose of Minecraft Explorer Lite is to support the namesake game. There's a lot of content in Minecraft Explorer Lite, ranging from skin selections to an index on all the recipes in the game, a seed guide, an enchantment guide (only with the full paid version), and overall game lore. Minecraft Explorer Lite is ad-supported, unless you upgrade to the paid version for 99 cents, but the ads are not onerous. A key part of Minecraft Explorer Lite is the server list, which allows you to look for and rate Minecraft servers. You can also add your own server to the list by purchasing a 99-cent upgrade.

If you're a Minecraft fan, then Minecraft Explorer Lite is a valuable app simply for the information it contains. While the information is available in many locations on the Web, having a local iPhone version of the information is both fast and handy. The interface is clean and attractive, with easy navigation. For Minecraft fans, considering this is a free app, it's a no-brainer.

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