Change your music files with WMA to MP3 Converter

Convert your WMA files to a much more flexible audio format.

Ripping files with Windows Media Player usually leaves you with a hard drive full of WMA files that, unfortunately, don't work with many music players and are unnecessarily bulky. WMA to MP3 Converter changes them to the much more widespread and neater MP3 format that works with just about any audio player you can think of.

The program requires you to register at the time that you download it, which raises alarms. However, registration only asks you for some minor information and then a code is sent to your e-mail. Once you're in, the program uses an almost entirely text-based interface. It's extremely simple to figure out, which means you can jump right into switching your files. Your files are converted and placed in the same folder in which your source files reside. Sadly, you cannot change the destination folder, which could cause some confusion. WMA to MP3 Converter only converts one file at a time, which makes it almost impossible to use if you have a large music library.

Though sound quality of the final product is great, that's about all this program has going for it. The lack of a bulk editor or any extra features really makes the download hard to recommend. If it added the ability to change at least a few of the settings or choose a different destination folder, it might be a different story. However, WMA to MP3 converter sacrifices too much of what makes a program good for the sake of simplicity.

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