Put a powerful browser in your pocket with Opera Portable

Take one of the Web's best browsers with you wherever you go.

Take one of the fastest, most modifiable browsers on a portable drive and use it on any computer. With Opera Portable Edition you'll never have to settle for using onboard options like Internet Explorer on any public computer again.

Opera Portable Edition behaves like most modern browsers and its sleek interface is a delight to look at. It works with practically no setup and pages load incredibly quickly. This portable browser can be personalized through various add-ons and apps. One thing you don't need to download is a pop-up blocker, as Opera has one already installed for you. Even though it's much smaller than the full version of Opera and other portable browsers, Opera Portable Edition is still powerful: you can have a dozen or more tabs open without the Web browser bogging down or crashing, even if you're streaming music or videos online.

People who already use Opera need no convincing to download Opera Portable Edition. This portable browser gives you all of the performance you love and it doesn't require confusing setup. Install this app on your portable drive if you have to use public computers often; it just might convert you into an Opera fan.

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