Install Android apps from your PC with Android Injector

Get third-party apps on your gadget without rooting.

Not every app you want can be easily installed from the Google Play store. Android Injector fills the gap by allowing you to download apps on your computer and port them to your smartphone. It gives you access to third-party apps you won't find in the Play store without having to root your phone.

Once you dodge the handful of junkware Android Injector tries to install with itself, you're greeted by a 4-inch window that mimics Android. The four-button home screen serves as the file menu you use to install the apps, which makes navigation easy. One thing holding it back from being perfect for rookie users is that it hogs your processor. This can lead to spotty performance and unexpected crashes. Android Injector doesn't always find your phone on the first try, either. However, it walks you through how to connect properly anytime you try to connect the wrong way.

As a great tool for beginners, Android Injector is the closest you can get to plug-and-play. Its forgiving interface, cool design, and quick transfers all make it a very welcoming experience for users who are just learning about APK files, as well as for those who just want to use apps that they can't get any other way.

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