Use your Android smartphone to light up the dark with LED Flashlight

Turn your phone's camera flash into a working flashlight.

This useful app could make pocket and keychain flashlights a thing of the past. LED Flashlight will make your phone's camera flash light up so you can use it as a flashlight. There are some annoying ads and it hogs battery life, but it gives you a bright light when you need it.

Though it's limited in terms of features, the app is almost as bright and as powerful as the LED flashlights you'll find in hardware stores. It will light up about 10 feet in front of you, if not more. The app's menu tells you how much battery you have and its interface involves very simple button controls. LED Flashlight's strobe feature flashes bursts of light to help someone find you. It could be handy in an emergency but it will drain your battery relatively quickly. Plus, the onscreen ads sometimes cover up the feature buttons.

In a crowded marketplace of similar apps, this one shines brightly. Adding a widget or making the ads a little less invasive would make it hands-down the best. A little more battery efficiency could help too, but flashlight apps are battery hogs by nature. LED Flashlight's brightness and ease of use should be enough for most Android users looking for a mobile flashlight.

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