Play downloaded audio and video files with All Formats Player

Listen to your favorite tunes or watch your favorite videos no matter what the file format.

Looking for more options regarding what you can listen to and watch on your Android phone? All Formats Player supports many different file extensions. However, it offers slightly buggy performance and it has access to your exact GPS location and phone calls though there's no real need for it.

All Formats Player offers a straightforward interface with four main links: Explore, Audio Files, Video Files, and Settings. It adds MP4, AVI, and other more obscure format support to your phone and lets you easily browse by file or by folder depending on how you organize them. When it comes to actual playback, audio is clear and loud, sometimes even too booming. Video files look great, but can be somewhat buggy. The video may flip whenever your phone auto-rotates, which means it will jump back a few seconds. That renders it almost unwatchable on a bumpy car or bus ride. Another downside of this app is the permissions. This app needs permissions to read your exact GPS location and phone calls, which is unnecessary.

As a media player, All Formats Player does the big things right and all of the little things wrong. Its limited playback features can be a turn-off for people who want uninterrupted music or video on their commute. Even though this app is compatible with most of the media you want on your phone, there are much more consistent options to consider.

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