Disney Fish Hooks will appeal to parents and kids

Challenge yourself with bubbles in this fun and challenging game.

Disney Fish Hooks takes after the popular Disney cartoon of the same name. The game follows Milo and his friends through different mazes. We found it surprisingly challenging and lots of fun.

Disney Fish Hooks opens with a simple menu. Through the Settings feature, you can turn the music and sounds off and on. The first step is to select a tank, but since we were new, we were only able to choose Freshwater High; the other tanks were locked until we scored enough points. The same went for the characters; we were only allowed to play with Milo since the other characters were locked. The graphics are taken straight from the television show, so if you're a fan of Fish Hooks, everything will look familiar to you. We were taken to the first level, which offered directions for each task we had to accomplish. For example, tapping the screen created bubbles that can be used to tilt platforms. Likewise, you can tap your character to create a bubble around him or her so that you can float and pick up fruit (this action was surprisingly hard to do) before guiding him or her to the exit. Some levels involve thinking creatively to retrieve all of the apples before falling into the exit. Another level involves popping bubbles in a way so that spotlights shine on Bea, a friend of Milo's. It all sounds a bit strange, we know, but it's rather addictive.

We can certainly appreciate a game that is just as much fun for adults as it is for kids, all while being kid-friendly. Disney Fish Hooks is an iOS game that we recommend for the whole family.

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