Stopwatch is a simple free stopwatch app

Time events to the millisecond with this free stopwatch for Windows.

Stopwatch utilities turn your Windows PC or laptop into a precision timing device. Donald Mhango's free Stopwatch is a simple, lightweight stopwatch app that's ready for Windows 8. With a basic look, it's not the best choice if you want a funky egg timer or something flashy on the desktop, and it's a bit light on the features, let alone any options. What it does offer is accurate timing from days to milliseconds.

Stopwatch downloads and installs normally, up to a point: you must register the program to activate it. Registration is free, but intrusive, especially for freeware. After we received our registration code via e-mail, we copied and pasted it into the program's activation dialog, which activated the product. Stopwatch opened in running mode. The program has a very simple user interface. Aside from a button labeled More that produced a combination About/Registration screen, Stopwatch has four buttons -- Start, Stop, Continue, and Clear -- and two counter fields, Time on computer, and Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds, and Milliseconds. To start the Stopwatch, press Start; press Stop to stop the count, Continue to resume the count, and Clear to start a new count. There's no log file or option to save or record timings, features that many other free stopwatch programs have. Stopwatch also lacks a countdown option and other features found on other free tools.

Of course, Stopwatch is all about simplicity, and that's a plus in many applications where the program serves in the place of a traditional handheld stopwatch. We have no trouble recommending Stopwatch in that role, but we don't like to register to use freeware. This program's registration form asks for stuff like your name, state, and phone number, though only your e-mail address needs to be accurate, if you don't feel like giving out personal information to try a free tool. That's our only real complaint about Stopwatch, but there's little doubt that it will deter some users from trying it, especially since there's no shortage of free stopwatch apps. You have many choices, so you're sure to find one that fits your needs closely.

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