Tap into your inner sorority girl with Tap Campus Life

Throw the best parties on campus with this design-as-you-go game.

Relive your college years in a sorority with Tap Campus Life. The object of the game is to throw parties for the most popular of guests, and along the way you get to design different aspects of the party, including the outfit you wear and the house you throw the party in on campus.

At the game's start, you're asked to pick out your character's hair, eye, and lip color, and assign a name and birth sign. After we made our selections, it was time to design our house. We were limited in our selections because we only had fifty dollars to spend, so we started with a loveseat, which we were able to drag and place to where we wanted in our floor plan. After that, we were able to recruit a friend to join our sorority. It involved selecting a friend and then choosing various topics for our characters to "discuss," if you want to call it that. Our characters just giggled, and suddenly our new recruit was successfully brought in as a member and we scored a cash bonus. Here and there a rival sorority member pops up on the screen to remind you that you don't have a enough money to pay dues. While the game itself is free, you can use your own real money to buy more game money. There is a Help feature that offers directions for playing the game, including how to host parties, dress your characters, and expand your sorority house.

That's about the extent of Tap Campus Life. It certainly won't appeal to all users, but if you're into games that let you design as you go, you'll enjoy the game.

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