Find familiar fun with The Simpsons Arcade

Battle the enemy for Homer's beloved donuts in this fun game.

"The Simpsons" has been around a long time, and for good reason; it's still as funny as ever. The Simpsons Arcade game lets you take the whole clan with you wherever you go. In this version, however, Homer isn't quite as lazy as his television counterpart. He's tasked with battling suited men in different scenes to find his beloved donut. The gameplay is both easy to learn and addictive.

At the start of The Simpson Arcade, you're given access to a menu that includes a Help feature. There, you'll find directions for how to navigate and play the game. To move Homer, you touch and drag the joystick. Tapping a button at the bottom signals an attack; three hits to the same button create a combo attack. There is a Music Library feature that lets you tap into your own music library in case you're not a fan of the familiar TV show theme. Our first challenge was in downtown Springfield. As we walked down the street, our Homer punched and kicked the suited men until their life was depleted, which we could see in the status bar at the top right. Likewise, our Homer has his own life status bar at the top left, which decreased as we were punched and kicked; thankfully, the random donut gave us a nice boost. As we walked down the street, familiar Simpsons characters appeared, including Waylon Smithers and Moe, and they looked just like they do in the television show. The game was supereasy to play; it only took us a few seconds to get used to maneuvering the joystick and attack buttons.

You don't have to be a fan of "The Simpsons" to enjoy The Simpsons Arcade, but fans will appreciate the authentic graphics and sounds. We recommend it for all users.

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