Carve up fun with The Great Pumpkin Festival

Draw your own pumpkin head designs for the ultimate Halloween fun.

Simple, nostalgic and creative, this app comes with a Halloween twist that adds to its overall fun factor. Prepare your touch-screen drawing skills because The Great Pumpkin Festival app will lure you into a virtual contest that will test your creativity in designing pumpkin heads.

The main menu of this app takes you to three primary options: Costumes, Carve, and Browse. In the Costumes option, you get to choose different clothing, headgear, and accessories for the character you are currently using, and you can expand by purchasing some extra gear through game points. The heart of the app is the carve option where you get to design, draw, and paint your pumpkin heads in any style you like. Design freedom is potentially endless with this app, but the number of options and color variations are of course limited. In terms of performance, we were a little bit disappointed with its slow loading times. You can't properly play the game without investing a few extra seconds on every step you make. We used a relatively midlevel Android 2.3 smartphone as our test unit, so it's a bit hard to imagine that it was a hardware-related problem.

The enjoyment you can experience with The Great Pumpkin Festival lies in the level of freedom that you have in combining costumes and designing pumpkins. Anyone who is creative and fond of making his or her own designs will be delighted at the thought of using a pumpkin head instead of a standard white canvas. It's not for everyone, but it's definitely worth a try, especially around Halloween.

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