Kill Zombies in a strategic fashion with Stupid Zombies 2

Clear the level strategically by aiming your shots to kill the most zombies.

Even though it may not have the same strategic flair as Plants and Zombies, the aspect of looking for the perfect aim and shoot in this app can serve just as well. Stupid Zombies 2 revives the same fun accuracy gaming experience of its predecessor, with more levels and upgraded gameplay.

The interface of Stupid Zombies 2 will look familiar to you. As for the game environment itself, you're given a shot gauge, the number of enemies to defeat, and a pause button. The primary objective of the game is to finish off all the zombies in a level using the most efficient method possible, with the lowest amount of shots and ammo spent. This game may well be considered as the zombie apocalypse version of Angry Birds. The first few levels only present you with the problem of maximizing your shots. But on later levels, you'll be given some default environmental elements that you can use to make your shots more efficient. In all, it is a very fun app. The variation in the environments of each stage is the key element that makes it addictive to play.

Love to shoot zombies? Stupid Zombies 2 is perfect for you. It doesn't take an expert to learn its controls, because the primary focus of the game is your aim.

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