Access Myxer content via audio content streaming

Gain easy access to all Myxer content via your Android-powered smartphone or tablet.

Smooth controls, straight integration and great interface -- we can't really find any significant problem with the Myxer app, except noting the obvious fact that it is a little bit limited compared to its larger version available on the Web.

Being a compact version of the Myxer Web site, this app's opening interface simply welcomes us with a menu that lists several tracks of ringtones and songs into different general categories like Featured and Popular. Of course, standard categories like music type are also found on Categories, while a general menu can be called up from the bottom part of the app. When you play a ringtone on the app, it uses its own media player software, which looks like a simple version of a music editor program. Integration of all other content found on Myxer is there, although Myxer in general doesn't have the feature of remembering the ringtones that you frequently listen to. The controls on the app's player are pretty simple.

As an extension of the Myxer Web site, we can say that the Myxer app holds its greatest benefit in creating a simple and more accessible version that works for mobile devices. If you're a Myxer user, we recommend it for your Android device.

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