Test your knowledge with Logo Quiz

Put your mind to the test and see how many company logos and signs you can recognize.

Very simple controls, a neat interface, and a large database of logos give this app an edge over similar trivia games. Logo Quiz is not only fun to play, but also educational. The only possible downside is the presence of ads.

The front interface of the app gives you four main options: Play, Store, More Games, and Settings. When you go to the Play option, you will be introduced to another interface that shows levels and how many guesses you need to unlock each new level. You start, of course, at level one, where you'll be presented with a large set of different logos. Click on one of them and you'll be able to type the name of the logo. If you guess correctly, you receive a number of points based on the logo's relative difficulty. Get the right amount of points and you'll be able to open the next levels. Progressing through levels could be tactically made by simply choosing the logos that you are instantly familiar with since you don't need to complete all to unlock the next level. To have a cleared record, though, you need to fill in the answers to all of the logos shown on a certain level. At the start, you'll have a limited number of free hints, but as you progress you'll get more free hints. You also have an option to ask your friends on Facebook and Twitter for a hint.

Logo Quiz promises many hours of brain action and fun. This may be the perfect app to download for anyone who likes to test his or her memory and loves a good challenge.

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