Infinite Monsters brings action to your Android device

Progress in a shooting scroller game by going through alien infested areas.

Simple controls combined with a considerably comprehensive gameplay value, Infinite Monsters brings the classic fun and feel of side-scrollers. It also offers customization options that make your alien-shooting experience much more versatile and fun.

The opening interface doesn't have a lot of options, only Game Start and More Games buttons. When you start a fresh game, it shows you a very short tutorial on its controls and game environment. But even without looking at the guide, playing should still be pretty straightforward. You'll have to advance through the stage, shooting countless alien-zombie-like creatures, while collecting cash to upgrade and expand your weapons arsenal. While the game itself isn't that difficult, the controls can get a little buggy, as if there's an auto-turbo function. This could affect your game performance, because until you let go of the directional buttons, the character will not fire the weapon. You might get mobbed, or the character might go straight to the monsters, reducing your life bar quickly.

The simple shoot-em-up scroller style, combined with good visuals, makes Infinite Monsters an a fun game to play. The addition of the weapon shop further increases its playability. This is definitely a game worth playing for anyone looking for a bit more action on their Android device.

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