Derby Days will appeal to race fans

Build your ranch and compete in races with this fun and interactive Android app.

The expansive set of options available is what makes this app very fun. However, even with lots of things to do, Derby Days' overall playability is significantly bogged down by one inconvenient factor: It requires real money to advance.

We found the interface of Derby Days to be a little deceptive. When you first open it, you'll find that there are very few buttons present in the default environment. However, the actual options are hidden in the elements of the environment itself as well as in the sub-menus. We found the gameplay to be quite nice, though, as there are so many things that you could use to decorate your ranch and to breed the right horse. There are also a lot of options when it comes to your horse's appearance. You can have your horse look like a Pegasus or a unicorn. You can even give it some completely wacky design. We expected the racing part to be relatively simple, and we were right. Most derby games like this usually don't let the player directly control the horse during races. There was one thing that we really didn't like about the app though. A very good majority of the design styles and options require real money to be obtained in the game. We were disappointed by the fact that you must spend a good deal just to expand your ranch and to get all of those design options for your ranch and horse.

In terms of gameplay, Derby Days still holds a good positive score and most users who are fond of horses and derby races will enjoy it. However, we would really like to see some improvements regarding obtaining more design options that don't involve spending real money.

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