Big Win Football Free offers a different take on football game apps

Collect football cards and challenge other players with this fun game.

Unlike other action-based football game apps where players move across the field simulating real football, this game app is more static but also offers higher playability. While it's also about football, Big Wind Football Free is actually more of a football trading card game.

For anyone familiar with the interface of the Big Win game app series, looking at Big Win Football Free's buttons and options will be familiar. The options on this app are, of course, changed to accommodate the major change in gameplay. The primary objective of the game is to have the player collect different football cards and pit them against another deck of cards used by an AI or another player. Winning games and progressing through levels allows you to get additional cards that you can use to strengthen your base set. The excitement of getting newer and better cards is what makes this game so addictive.

Big Win Football Free's simple gameplay will appeal to all users looking for a different take on a football game app.

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