Enjoy a simple game of air hockey with Air Hockey Deluxe

Engage in a single game of air hockey against an AI or another player on your Android device.

Simple, slightly addictive, and quite competitive, this app reminded us of Pong, the game that revolutionized arcade gaming in the early 1970s. Even though Air Hockey Deluxe resembles Pong in style of gameplay and is in general quite fun, it shows some imperfections that could easily be fixed by the developer.

Interface of Air Hockey Deluxe offers no advanced options or specific game settings. It simply provides you with one-player and two-player options. The one-player option will put you against an AI, while the two-player option lets both players play on the same screen. The controls of the game don't even need explaining, but we found one nifty trick that you can use. The controls do not register drag input, only touch. This means that you can make your mallet teleport across your movement area, enabling you to save the puck at the last fraction of a second. What we found to be off though is when the puck goes to the area near the scoreboard, the player almost always accidentally touched the pause/options button between the two scores.

Air Hockey Deluxe offers very simple but fun gameplay. That's it. You can't really compare it to a more comprehensive game because it is not designed that way. Keep in mind that the AI in one-player mode can be quite tough; when testing, we didn't win in Medium difficulty until we had played it a dozen times or so.

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