Add the cute factor to your smartphone with Talking Tom Cat

Cuddle up with Talking Tom Cat, a voice recognition app with a high dose of cuteness.

How would you like a cute cat to repeat everything that you have just said, in an equally cute voice? That's what Talking Tom Cat is all about. You don't need any particular skills and there's no real learning curve involved with this simple but engaging Android app.

As soon as you open Talking Tom Cat, you are immediately greeted by the title character, Tom, and a set of commands and buttons at the sides. Controls are simple and intuitive. The basic functionality is the voice recognition system, which lets Tom repeat anything you say in a funny voice. Though fairly accurate, the voice recognition system did sometimes fail to catch what we said, leading Tom to speak in a slightly garbled or incomprehensible manner. This isn't a bad point for the app at all, though. In fact it's one of the things that actually made it funnier. Additional functions include cuddling Tom by touching, swiping, or poking him. For example, you can try petting his head to make him purr, or help him drink by pouring him a glass of milk. There are a few settings so you can extend or shorten the listening time before he repeats what you say, but nothing so complex that it takes away from the fun.

This is one of those apps that may not be a necessity, but it can help lighten your mood and give you a big boost of cuteness when you need it. We recommend Talking Tom Cat for Android smartphone users of all ages.

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