Build your team and increase your players' skill

Play a 2D hockey game while building up your hockey superstar team for the entire gaming season.

If you know hockey well, be ready to go straight through the menus of Big Win Hockey and play your seasonal games away. If you're not that familiar with hockey, well there's always room for a little trial and error.

The simple interface of Big Win Hockey has straightforward buttons and options. For those who are well-versed in the game, it should be a breeze to jump in and get your team assembled, but a few specifications presented in the player's stats, such as the player's shot orientation and rating, might not make immediate sense to those without any experience with the game. With a bit of trial and error, though, even newbies will be able to assemble their teams and enjoy the simple 2D graphics of the hockey game. The managerial aspect that's available in this app is probably what makes it different from just being a generic 2D, NES-esque game. It basically allows you to build and "grow" a few specific hockey superstars in the game while you yourself build skills as you play.

Big Win Hockey proved to be enough of a challenge that you can play it again and again, but it also keeps things simple enough that you can start playing (and winning) right away. Recommended for any hockey fan.

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